Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Generally Speaking Blogcast 001


Linda Brazier said...

Our prayers are with you. I was under the impression that you were healed! I recently had the opportunity to call your office and get some direction on credit card debt for my deceased father; the office personnel were very helpful. I appreciate all your efforts to keep Utah a great place to live!
Linda Brazier, Hurricane, Utah

Dyar Family said...

Hi Mark, your neice Tiffany. We have been thinking and praying for your healing! I am glad the surgery went well. I enjoy reading your blog! Get well soon.

Sharon said...

Hi Mark,

This is from your greatest fan, Sharon. I'm thinking of ways you can shower while in this contraption....wrap a plastic trash beg around it closing it tight at the leg, then removing it for the next shower. Hmmm, I'm sure you already figured this out.
Remember, if you should loose your leg, a prosthesis is still a thought. My brain injury cannot be replaced, but I don't give up, their is always a new way to go on. Wasn't Sarah Palin AWESOME? I am energized like never before.
My prayers are with you Mark. You are STILL MY HERO.

Sharon Ross
Brigham City

bcredding said...

When I read about your new surgery, I knew you were going be be ok. My son was in a bad industrial accident 3 years ago that shattered his leg. He was in Oregon working at the time, so they flew him to Portland Oregon to a Dr. that did the same procedure. We were so grateful for this new procedure, because the alternative was loose the leg. After 16 days, they knew it would be ok to send him home to a Dr. at the University, who does the same procedure. ( I'm sure that is your Dr. now) Just be sure and do everything he tells you to do - "Clean those pins faithfully" and walk as much as you can - when we were going through that, we really seen a lot of our beautiful city that we didn't know existed!.. And by the way, I took him, along with a pair of sweat pants and a pair of wranglers to a seamstress - they measured the device and made an insert for the bad leg. Shorts are great, but when winter comes, you will be glad you have them. Plus, your leg being covered up won't cause so many stupid comments. God bless you - you are in my thoughts and prayers. We know what your going through.
BC Redding

BC Redding

Penelope said...

I just watched the report KSL did on you yesterday. I'm sorry to hear that your leg is still in such bad shape. However, I must take issue with something in the report. Lori Prichard reported that you still plan to "continue [your] pursuit of polygamous leaders." I thought you were only going after abusers. It is things like this that make it hard for those of us in the plural communities to trust you.

Attorney General Mark Shurtleff said...


Thank your for your kind well wishes. I do wish you and yours would judge me on my eight years of promises and actions instead of on random press statements that often mistate my words. I said what I always say, that I would continue to go after leaders of polygamist sects who commit crimes against women and children.

Penelope said...

Dear Attorney Shurtleff,

Thank your for your clarification. I understand that it probably gets tedious hearing from us and you probably feel like we are nitpicking you sometimes, but we don't mean to.

I've enjoyed reading your other posts, and I'll be checking back often.