Monday, March 22, 2010

The Line in the Sand for States Rights


Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

I love you Mr. Shurtleff...!

Mark said...

Thanks Aimee, I love you too. And I love your kids and that's why I filed this lawsuit today! Mark

Kite said...

Hey Mark, it's Peter - I've been rather disillusioned with my elected officials as of late (I'm sure you can't imagine why), but you, sir, have restored some confidence in me.

Thank you for being at least *one* sensible man among many wayward idealists.

Julie said...

Mr. Shurtleff,
Thanks for wasting the tax payers money on the frivolous lawsuit that is a lost cause. I'm ashamed to have you as a representative of our State. You should be ashamed of yourself for wasting Tax Payers money. As a registered voter who voted for you I am extremely disappointed in you and your decisions. This money that you are throwing away could be used to improve our schools and education for the children and future of this State. Hell it could even be used to improve sidewalks and it would be a better use of money than this lawsuit. As a person who has been denied by Insurance Companies due to pre-existing conditions and pays over $1200 a month out of my pocket for insurance, I welcome this change. I'm absolutely sure you have never faced this because you are covered by some of the best Insurance...Government.
I would strongly encourage you to actually think (something that is rarely done by you) about the real results this lawsuit will bring...millions of tax payers dollars wasted on a loss cause