Thursday, January 1, 2009


I am on my way to The Big Easy with my son Heath and daughter Annie to experience history as the Tw0-Time BCS Busting, and only remaining undefeated NCAA football team, the University of Utah Utes take on the storied Alabama Crimison Tide! Thanks to one of my paralegals, Sharon Zeller, a Crimson Club member who couldn't make the game and sold me her tickets, I get to cheer on my alma mater as they beat a team that was ranked first in the nation for five weeks.

History will be made as a non-BCS team proves to the nation that hard work, team spirit and courage are stronger than the extreme efforts of the monopolistic BCS to keep the money and glory exclusively to its members, and restrain thousands of collegient footballers from ever playing for a national championship. Over the next four days I will use my blog to record our experience and share some of the history of the Sugar Bowl.

This is the 75th Anniversary of the historic Sugar Bowl and one of the most memorable (but lowest scoring) games ever played for the Silver trophy was the third classic in 1936 which pitted the TCU Horned Frogs against the LSU Tigers. The underdog Frogs lead by the great "Slingin Sammy Baugh" defeated the Tigers 3-2. A year later, the man who would become an NFL passing legend for the Washington Redskins, Baugh wrote of his New Years day game in the sloppy mud of Tulane:

"Another thing which made victory more sweet was the fact that a chap named Ernie Seago was playing quarterback for LSU," Baugh recalled. "Ernie Seago had lived across the street from me in my extremely young days in Temple and was going to high school and on the team at the time. Most of the boys in the neighborhood sort of looked up to Ernie and regarded him as something of a hero. How swell it was to me to ride back on the train, to think I had been playing quarterback on the team which defeated the team for which Seago was calling signals. Boy, that was the thrill of thrills."

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Hope you guys are having fun! Take it easy and stay out of trouble!