Saturday, January 3, 2009


Tonight I was blessed to be present in the Super Dome and participated in the making of history at the 75th Anniversary Sugar Bowl as the non-BCS Utah Utes destroyed the storied Alabama Crimson Tide (a team that was rated Number One by the BCS for five weeks, including at the end of the regular season!)

UTAH 31 – ALBAMA 17!

In doing so, the Utes became the only team in the nation to go undefeated in the 2008 season, and can rightfully claim “WE’RE NUMBER ONE!" Unfortunately, the BCS monopoly, with its money and its exclusive club and its computers, will crown another team as National Champion next week. More on that tomorrow.

For tonight, let's just savor the sweet taste of victory! (click on the video below to watch Louie Sakoda put the nail in the coffin with his fourth quarter field goal - and celebrate the win again and again and again.) It was SWEET indeed!

Congratulations UTES! You did us all proud!

1 comment: said...

The National Champion should be decided on the field, not by computers or some out of touch voter. No other sport does this except Division I-A football.

The NCAA has lowered the number of scholarships to 85 per team. The talent has spread. The bowl games are nice, but we need a playoff, now more than ever.